Being Mayor

I let this site go ignored after the election, and my son-in-law recently suggested that I should post the outcome.  I won!!  Under Bozeman’s system I am Deputy Mayor (an acting Commissioner) for two years.  Then, in January 2016 I will become Mayor for two years.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I will do as Mayor, and I have another year, but with the help of other Commissioners, I plan to hit the ground running.  Bozeman is a great City, and there is always more to do.  Team work matters and I will work closely with my fellow commissioners, the many citizen advisory boards, all citizens of Bozeman, and City staff.  City staff members are valuable assets, who are under-appreciated way too often.  I believe that there is an interdependent relationship between employees that enjoy public service and public that appreciate city employees.  It is a two way street, and we are already working to grow this connection.

Thank you to all who voted for me.  I plan to exceed your expectations, to the benefit of all.

Endorsement news

We are proud to announce that we have been endorsed by the Montana Conservation voters. You can view the endorsement and what they are up to here.


Why I am running

Bozeman is a beautiful and livable city with a vibrant downtown and a thriving university. I am running for Mayor because I believe in preserving and bettering the quality of life in our community.

We have involved citizens who volunteer generously and serve on a number of city boards, and many citizens who volunteer their time in the schools and for important local causes. We are a relatively safe city where services are provided by dedicated public servants. We have a 2020 Plan that was built with community input.

Carson and family

My professional background as a mediator and facilitator, my experience as a School Board Trustee and my three years as a City Commissioner tell me that community involvement and thoughtful dialogue are the best approaches to the present challenges of local government. The key is to remain focused on the values that underlie the quality of life in Bozeman.

Focus, analysis, listening, and problem-solving are the ways I work. My strength in governing is/will be my ability to consider the complexities of an issue while bringing a variety of views and interests to bear in order to find solutions.

As a City Commissioner I have served on a number of Advisory Boards, including the City-County Board of Health, the Planning Board, Zoning Commission, Streamline Bus Board, Historic Preservation Board, Recreation and Parks Board, Downtown TIF Board and others. I am also part of the City’s work to create an Integrated Water Resource Plan and Idle-Free Bozeman. This work has connected me to the breadth of the City’s government and to many citizens that have volunteered their time for our community.

I love the fact that community volunteering in Bozeman is so widespread. I believe that I have done my share, primarily as a volunteer in organizations that support either programs of education, the arts, or sports.

I believe that the breadth of my volunteer work has put me in touch with a wide variety of persons and view points in our community. More importantly, my work as a Commissioner, has prepared me for the challenges of being Mayor. I understand the importance of listening and community involvement, and I am able to analyze and solve complicated problems. I think I am suited to continue my support of our community as Mayor of Bozeman.

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